Wood chipper on belts and with remote control

Focusing on safety, the environment and user-friendliness, Linddana has created the ultimate in wood chippers, with remote control to improve safety and user-friendliness.

Our new wood chipper, TP 175 Track, is bigger, stronger and lighter than other previous models. The difference is seen in the new way of operating the machine and the new belts. The all-new model is maneuvered, as the first model in the world, exclusively with remote control. The machine runs on belts, which makes it more off-road, easier to operate and causes less damage to soft and damp surfaces during maneuvering.

Increased security

Safety is the focus on TP 175 Track. The machine can only be operated with a remote control, which increases safety when the operator is at a distance from the machine. The belts can be varied in width and ensure stability during maneuvering in uneven and steep terrain. In addition, TP 175 Track is equipped with the mandatory safety equipment in the form of a yellow safety bar and 2 pcs. TP E-STOP. The latter is located on the upper funnel edge. Two more can be mounted on the sides of the funnel.

Work comfort and flexibility are paramount

With the remote control, the machine only maneuvers 1100kg. quickly off and on the machine trailer. At the same time, it is easily moved from workplace to workplace depending on where the tile material is cut. This saves the user time, and optimizes the work process. Equipped with the height-adjustable TP Vario Spout ejector tube, the machine is thus in several respects a flexible "partner" in the work process and during transport and storage.

TP 175 Track is equipped with the patented TP Starter switching system, which ensures easy start-up and long engine life. With a width of only 115cm, when the width-variable belts are in the inner position, the machine can be maneuvered almost anywhere. The ground clearance is 20cm.

There is not much extra work with the new TP 175 Track on the maintenance front, because the construction and design is designed so that there is better access to the maintenance sites - including lubrication sites. There is thus no need for special tools, and the time consumption for the daily service is thus minimal.

All in all, the machine can give the old models rear wheels - or track.