New Stage V compliant TP 165 MOBILE P with technology from the huge popular TP 175 Mobile

The new TP 165 Mobile P (Petrol) has the same disc, rollers, roller opening (175x191mm) as the rest of the TP 175 Mobile family.

The Kohler gasoline engine is green, clean, and cheaper than the diesel engine which means the cost of the machine comes down, but we don´t compromise of performance, quality, and safety. TP wood chippers are built to be simple to use and service. With a combat weight of only 680kg. TP 165 Mobile P can be towed by anyone holding a full driving license with a category B entitlement. The price is as sharp as the knives and warranty is 3 years. Book a demo – nothing beats getting a machine on your own site to see how it performs.

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